You Are Worth More Book by Terry Wilson

You Are Worth More Book by Terry Wilson

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After reading this book you will know the following:

  1. The unique value you have that sets you apart
  2. Where & What is Your Value
  3. The Imperative for you to Win in money & life
  4. How to Increase your Income by using your unique value
  5. Ways to scale & increase your impact both personally & professionally
  6. How others are succeeding in spite of perceived limitations
  7. How to break the cycle of failure
  8. How to tap into your creative genius
  9. Actionable steps to earn unlimited income
  10. Ways to leverage tools to increase your productivity

Believe & Receive Your Value

  • Chapter 1 - Four Words that Changed Everything
  • Chapter 2 - The Case for your Greatness
  • Chapter 3 - Your Value
  • Chapter 4 - The Imperative for Success

What Do You Expect?

  • Chapter 5 - Great Expectations
  • Chapter 6 - When, Where, Why, and Who?
  • Chapter 7 - The Devil’s in the Levels
  • Chapter 8 - Manage with your Message

What do you want?

  • Chapter 9 - People Get Stuck at Times
  • Chapter 10 - Guard your Gaze
  • Chapter 11 - The Rolling Stones were Wrong
  • Chapter 12 - Preparing for the Launch

The 5 Laws of Income Growth

  • Chapter 13 - The Person who’ll pay you the most
  • Chapter 14 - The Origins of Lack
  • Chapter 15 - The Fallacy of Effort
  • Chapter 16 - The Investment Conundrum
  • Chapter 17 - The Value Magnet

About the Author

Terry is the founder and president of and the TW3 network which serves a membership of over 3800 independent entrepreneurs from various industries all around the world. His training and technology is used on a daily basis to help other entrepreneurs discover, develop, and monetize businesses and income streams. He and his wife Jeanna raise and homeschool their family of 5 children in the upstate of SC, and can be frequently seen at Atlanta Braves games and Tar-Heel Basketball games year round. They both minister at their local church by preaching, teaching, coaching, leading worship, and other various areas as needed. Terry has been an entrepreneur since his freshman year in high school and advocates entrepreneurialism as the only way a person will ever realize and experience their full potential. Terry started in 2008 right after losing his music business. Through both the wins and loses of over 25 years as an entrepreneur in business Terry’s message still remains the same.

Soli Deo Gloria!